Love Spells To Bring A Lover Closer To You

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Love Spells To Bring A Lover Closer To You

Simply look at the person you love. Say their name. Close your eyes and imagine them in your arms. Smile and say I love you, then open your eyes. Look at a picture of the two of you together. Hold it to your heart and make sure that you are smiling as you do so. Close your eyes and imagine the two of you together again, then open them again, return the picture to its place, and go about your business.

Take one of his or hers things that they have touched, like a shirt, sock or other article of clothing, put your hand on it, close your eyes, smile and visualize the two of you together in a loving embrace. Then put the item back where it was before.

This spell works with any object that is linked to them: a piece of paper with their handwriting on it, a glass they recently drank out of (if you can figure out a way to get one while they aren’t looking), even just something they have touched with their hands! If all else fails, have them write their name on a piece of paper for you! Imagine the two of you together when doing this spell – if you don’t know how that feels.


Love Spells To Bring A Lover Closer To You.A love spell is a magical way of making someone you love to become attracted to you, fall in love with you and finally get married to you.

Love spells are very powerful and can bring back lost lovers, bind couples and make your relationship stronger than ever before.

If you are looking for a spell caster that can cast your love spells using traditional healing methods then this is the right place to be.

I have been casting the most powerful love spells that work fast to help people in need of help.

So if you are here because you are in need of powerful spells that work fast then I am the right spell caster for you.

How to cast these powerful love spells

Love spells are something that has been in use for a long time, and it is one of the best ways to bring a lover closer to you. These love spells can be used for the following purposes:

To attract an ex-lover

To attract a person you want for yourself

To make your relationship stronger

In case you are jealous of something and want to take revenge from that person, this spell can be used as well.

Love Spells To Bring A Lover Closer To You

Bringing your lover closer to you is not an easy thing, because there are many things that could go wrong. This is why you will have to be careful with the casting of these spells. I have provided some of the strongest love spells here that will definitely help you in bringing a lover closer to you.


If you’re a beginner then you may be thinking of casting love spells to bring your lover closer. This is a common practice and most people who are looking for a new relationship try this. However, there are some things that you should know about before you try to do this on your own.

Love spells to bring a lover closer is not hard if you know how to cast them correctly. First of all, it’s important that you know what kind of spell you want to use. Some people like to use black magic while others prefer white magic. There are also many other types of spells out there that can be used but they all do the same thing – they attract someone into your life and get them attracted to you!

You need to make sure that when you cast these types of spells, they’re going to work properly. You don’t want anything bad happening because it could turn out badly for everyone involved! It’s always best if you have an experienced witch or wizard cast the spell for you so they can make sure everything goes according to plan.

Once everything has been set up properly, now it’s time for you start thinking about what type of spell will work best.


If you feel that your lover is drifting away from you, or if you feel that your relationship is lost, use the following spell to bring that special someone closer to you. You will need:

A red candle, A yellow candle and a white candle

A piece of paper, a pen and a lighter

A small box like a candy box

Take the red candle and inscribe your name on it. Take the yellow candle and write your lovers name on it. Then take the white candle and write both names on the candle in a heart shape. Set the candles in front of you with the red one to your left, then the white and finally the yellow to your right. Light them in that order as well. Now take the piece of paper, fold it in half and write on one side “I love (your name)”, turn it over and write on he other side “you love me”. Place this paper inside the box. Now concentrate on how much you love your lover, focus all of your energy into those feelings, directing them into the candles. As you do this chant “I am yours you are mine” 9 times. Let all three candles burn out completely then hide away the box for 9 days. After 9 days take out the paper from.


Are you having problems in your love life? Is your lover no longer interested in you or wanting to end the relationship? Do you feel that you are losing him/her to someone else or that he/she is no longer attracted to you? If this is the case, you should try this spell. It will help bring back the affection and love between the two of you and make your relationship stronger than ever before. The spell will cause him/her to start thinking about you all the time, to want to spend every minute with you and he/she will be irresistibly drawn towards you.

The spell will also enhance his/her feelings for you, so that when he/she thinks about the two of you together and how good it feels, he/she will get goose bumps. This person will not be able to think of anything else apart from being with you. Later on, your ex-lover will start missing your company and even phone calls if for some reason he/she had stopped communicating with you.

If you have gone through a break up recently and are still not over it, there are love spells for getting back with an ex-lover, which can help ease the pain of separation by making him/her miss your company and come.


Powerful Love Spells To Bring A Lover Closer To You

Love Spells are my most common requests and I do offer them in different strengths levels. As one of the most powerful spell caster that you will ever have the chance of working with, I will help you solve all your love and relationship problems, no matter how difficult or severe your situation may be.

I use my knowledge of ancient spells and spiritual healing to help people change their lives for the better every day. Whether you need a love spell, luck spell, money spell or any other kind of spell at all, I can help you.


Love Spells Caster To Bring A Lover Closer To You

Sometimes you have to cast a spell to bring your lover closer.

Love spells are very powerful, and they can bring your lover closer to you, but they cannot make somebody love you who does not already love you. Somehow, the person has to love you in the first place. If you are in any doubt about this, then please do not cast these spells. This is for your own good.

Casting a spell to bring someone closer is fine if it is for the better, but it is not all right if you are using magic for selfish reasons.

There are many reasons why people use spells like this one. Some lovers drift apart because of work pressures or because of other issues that have no bearing on their relationship.


Love spells are among the most popular of all spells. When you desire love, these types of spells can help you to find love, attract love and keep love in your life. There are many different love spells and everyone has different needs when it comes to matters of the heart.

Some people use a spell because they have a particular person in mind. They wish to attract someone romantically and that is why they use a spell. Other people use a spell because they wish to find love but they do not have someone in mind. This type of spell is often used by people who want a specific outcome from their love spell but are not sure how or where to find that special someone.

Whatever your circumstances, there is a spell for you! Love spells can help you with divorce, getting back together with an ex, attracting new love, reconciling with an old lover, breaking up two relationships and even finding your soul mate!

Instant Love Spells Cast To Bring A Lover Closer To You

This is a powerful love spell that helps to bring two lovers closer together. In this case, it is not necessary for the two lovers to know each other but it helps if they do know each other. However, the purpose of this spell is not necessary to make the two fall in love with you.


There is more to love than a mere feeling. It is a powerful force that drives people to do amazing things and can make people sacrifice anything for the sake of their beloved. There are times, however, when a person falls out of love or wants to bring someone closer to him or her because there are not enough feelings for this person.

In such cases, love spells to bring a lover closer are the best solution: they will allow you to change the situation dramatically and influence your beloved’s subconsciousness so that he or she is under your control.

My powerful love spells will help you bring the desired person closer to you and make him or her fall in love with you if this person has strong feelings for you already. The spell will be cast according to your individual characteristics and needs.

I have been practicing black magic for more than 20 years, and there is nothing impossible for me. If other spell casters have refused to help you, I am always ready to give you my helping hand!


if you are not happy in your relationship, if your lover has left you for another person or for someone else, if you think that she is cheating on you, if you want to get back with your ex-girlfriend, if you want to make her love you more than anyone else and only you then you can use this love spell to make all this possible. This spell is going to make your partner feel that she is attracted towards you more than anything else in this world.

The working of this spell is very simple and quick. It will give an instant result. You should never doubt the power of black magic as it is the most effective way to get your love back. If your lover has cheated on you or dumped you for another person then this spell will work wonders in bringing her back to you. If she has gone away from your life and doesn’t want to see your face then also, this spell will help in making her come back into your life.

The main purpose of using this black magic love spell is that it will make everything all right between both of you. You will start feeling the lost love between both of you once again. This spell will arouse the feelings of love and attraction in her heart for sure. She will start falling