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Hello, I am KELLY. I was separated from my partner in May 2010 as a result of black magic. It happened all of a sudden, out of nowhere. We were planning to get married and then, just like that, it was over! Without reason or a fight! I loved him so much! I tried in vain to call him, text him, write him e-mails – he had simply disappeared from my life, everything had cleared and blocked me so that I would never reach him again. It was hopeless – it was over. I cried day and night, I spoke with his family, no one could understand it. up to when I came over Dr. Karim who helped me bring him back and destroy all the negative black magic which was done on our relationship and now we happily together and planning for our wedding. Thank You, Dr. Karim.

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But his family stood behind me and said it was not normal, it was not so, that this is not his character. They said they would go ahead to look for a voodoo priest and ask for help. The next day, we went to a voodoo priest and told him what happened. He said that black magic or magic that causes damage is what had been used to separate us. He also said that undoing it would be very hard. Powerful reunion love spells caster in cape town Dr. Karim. Yet it certainly could be done. So he got to work. It was a very tough nut to crack. After 6 weeks, at last, there was a slight response. He was in contact, but not the way I wanted, he was hesitant, arrogant, abusive and even tried to blame me for something non-existent, so that we end the short call in anger.

It was then that I came across this site while browsing on Google. The spell caster told me that there was nothing extraordinary in black magic, or about the reunion of partners. So he kept working.

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The spell caster told me that no matter how he acted, I should just stay cool. Cool, is not it? Easy to say when you are crazy and the longing for the person you love so much is driving you nuts. The next day there was another text message, but this time to my surprise, it was different. He apologized and had some loving words in it … from that moment onwards, we were in daily contact again, although it was still back and forth, until mid-November. In June 2010, we successfully reunited. Today we are a happy couple through reunion love spells. Thank you for the great job done.