Dominate a lover using powerful lover domination spells

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Powerful Commitment Love Spell Cast to Dominate a Lover

The most powerful commitment spell to dominate lover– One way to have your partner by your side is by doing a spell to dominate the loved one. This powerful spell must be cast for as long as you have exhausted all the possibilities of mastering that person you so desire. So let’s start with this domination love spell.

Dominate A Lover – Cast My Powerful Candle love Spells

Buy a pure wax candle. Wrap it in a white linen cloth. Call him or her 3 times and add on other words that you want him or her to do for you and all that you asking him to be. make him yours alone and never to fall into any other relationship and cheating. “Witness my crazy love, my constancy, and melancholy. By Pilate, the Jew, you will be mine forever. Amen” Go home early; avoid talking to someone on the way. When you reach the door of your house, say the following in a low voice: “Abracadabra, this is my word. My inexorable desires of crazy love that do not stop are here to dominate my loved one” Unroll the candle (keep the cloth for later use) and put it in a non-metal candlestick, on a pinewood table. Light the candle and read with unshakable faith the following prayer: “Blessed Cirio, your wax is more resistant than the opposing obstacles to dominate the beloved. However, your wax melts and my desires grow. And like you, the follies and rebellions of my beloved will disappear. I adjure you, blessed be in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, in the name of the Holy Spirit and the name of my beloved”. If this effective and powerful spell doesn’t work, contact me so that I can cast a more powerfully direct spell to dominate a lover for you.